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What is new in trueChart?

The trueChart family keeps growing

We are pleased to announce the release of our new product trueChart for Excel.

Tree chartexmample

With trueChart for Excel we welcome our third integration of trueChart Core (after trueChart for PowerBI and trueChart for Jedox). This means that the world-class trueChart IBCS visualization and commenting solutions can now also used with Excel. Support is provided for Excel 365 on desktop and online. (Excel 2016 will ship with the next release)

Primary new features

Cross platform cell actions

Up until now, most actions could only be assigned to a button element. Additionally, click behaviors could be defined for other chart types. Now these two options have been unified, so all actions can be used on all cells, including grid cells.

On top of that, cell actions are available on every platform trueChart runs on! Please consult the Cell Actions article to check which actions are available on each platform.

Qlik Sense

Cell actions can now target alternate states defined in an app. Also, in addition to a blacklist to block certain actions, it now also possible to whitelist actions that should be available.

CSV user import

It’s now possible to create and manage users using a CSV file, allowing for bulk user imports. For details, see the User management article.

Copy comments

Comments can now be copied through the right click menu. This allows to copy a comment even when the user is not allowed to edit it.

Release Notes

For a complete overview of all new features and fixes, please refer to the Release Notes.

Migration for published apps

In the context of new versions, necessary adjustments within the apps are usually carried out automatically during loading. This is transparent for the users. An indication of this is corresponding logging entries in the development console of the browser.

Since changes to published apps cannot be saved, these automatic changes must be made at every load, which can have a negative effect on the loading speed of the visualization.

To avoid permanent migrations of the apps, we recommend opening the corresponding apps as soon as possible in an unpublished mode, so that migration is then performed once, and the changes are saved automatically. These apps should then be published again.