trueChart Help

Titles and subtitles

Titles identify the content of pages and their objects in its entirety, omitting nothing necessary to understand the content. Any cell of a trueChart object can be used to represent a title or subtitle.

Create a title or a subtitle

You can create a title or subtitle object from:

  • Cell Settings

  • Content Type Selector

  • Layout Editor

For this the type of the target cell need to be set to the object type 'title' / 'subtitle'

Build a simple layout with title and subtitle

Open the layout editor by right clicking a trueChart Object and choose 'Layout' in the appearing context menu.

title and subtitle step1
Figure 1. open the layout editor.

Edit the Grid and add two new rows, so the result will be a grid with three rows. Content based optimization is active for all elements.

title and subtitle step2
Figure 2. Add rows to grid.

Click in the top row to activate the cell and set it to the object type 'title'.

title and subtitle step3
Figure 3. Add a title object.

Do the same as in the previous step but choose the object type 'subtitle' this time.

title and subtitle step4
Figure 4. Add a subtitle element.
Add a chart.

Add a third object of your choice, like a time chart to the third row and apply all changes with the 'OK' button at the actionbar of the layout editor.

title and subtitle step5

Show / Edit Text

Titles and subtitles, which are technically comments, have the same edit and show mode. That means, if this global state of a trueChart is set to 'edit', you can change the text as described in the following paragraph.

title and subtitle edit text
Figure 5. Edit text function.
title and subtitle edit text2
Figure 6. Inline text settings.

If the current mode is set to show text, you cannot edit title or subtitles text or style properties.

title and subtitle show text
Figure 7. Show text.

Edit a title or a subtitle

If you want to change the content or layout of your title / subtitle just click on it and do it in place. By selecting parts of your text you can place different styles into one object.

Editing a title
Figure 8. Edit a title.

Copy a title or a subtitle

If you want to use the same title or subtitle in different places you can easily do so with the copy function of comments. Just right click on the title or subtitle you want to copy and select the copy comment entry in the context menu. The comment is then saved into the clipboard and can then be inserted elsewhere. A copied element can also be pasted outside of the extension, for example in Microsoft Word or an email.

Currently the copy function has some limitations across the different browsers. Every browser handles copying rich text via JavaScript differently. This behavior can change depending on the version of the browser that is used. In general, it can happen that certain styles are not correctly copied, for example text colors and font sizes.