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Connecting LDAP to trueChart Service

Apart from the manual (local) creation and management of users, the trueChart Service can be linked to a existing LDAP service (such as OpenLDAP, Active Directory, eDirectory, etc.) to control access to users already existing in your directory.

Connect to an LDAP server

Follow these steps to connect the trueChart service to your directory via LDAP:

  1. Open the trueChart Management Console and go to the Settings page.

  2. Click on New Directory.

  3. In the New LDAP Connector dialog enter the following information:

    1. Name and Domain name of the LDAP server

    2. Host and Port the LDAP service is listening on.

    3. Username and Password to authenticate to the LDAP service.

    4. Sync interval and Search timeout

Edit the config

To edit the config of an already created LDAP directory connection, go to the

Advanced settings

Server settings

Sync interval

Sync interval is the time period (in minutes) the trueChart Service syncs the users and groups between the directory and itself. Default value is 60 minutes.

LDAP schema

Base DN

Base DN is the distingushed name of the