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Exporting certificates through the QMC

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If you want to add a third-party tool like trueChart to your Qlik Sense installation, you need to export the SSL certificates.

Select Certificates on the QMC start page. The Export page for Certificates is displayed.

Select Certificates

In the Machine name box, type the full computer name of the computer that you are creating the certificates for: or the IP address.

Machine name 1

Machine name 2

Using a password is optional. If you choose to use a password, the same password applies to exported client and server certificates.

Using a password

Select Include secret key if you want to add a secret key to the public key.

Include secret key

Select the file format in the Export file format for certificates drop-down list. The Windows format is .pfx.

Select file format

Click the button Export certificates in the action bar at the bottom of the site. Now the certificates will be exported to the directories appearing below the input form. In each of these folders the following certificates are created: client.pfx, root.cer, server.pfx. In case of a failed export, the dialog displays the error message: Certificates export could not complete.

Export certificates