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trueChart and alternate states

Alternate States

trueChart fully supports the Alternate States feature which can be used for comparative analysis in Qlik Sense.

The available states are defined in the appearance section of the property panel or the master item settings in Sense versions later than November 2018.

However, trueChart goes a step further and now also offers support for alternative statuses for all supported Qlik Sense versions, i.e. from 3.0! This allows not only the assignment of a different selection status, but also the creation, editing and deletion of the application-wide valid alternative states.

For more information please check the official Qlik Sense documentation.

Data Context

Every data context of trueChart can have a different selection state also called Alternate State. The alternate state is defined by selecting its name with the selection box below the Context Title in the Data menu.

alternate state selection
Figure 1. Use selection state for a single data context.

You can choose one of the available states or create and remove them in the Alternate States section of Appearance settings.

Managing Alternate States

The available states are defined in the master item settings in Qlik Sense versions later than November 2018 or in the Appearance section of the property panel.

alternate state settings
Figure 2. Define selection state for a all data context or add and remove available states.

The object alternate state is defined in this section. When changing the value of the state select box, a dialog is shown to confirm the changes. Changing the alternate state here changes the state in all data contexts of this extension object.

Edit global alternate states

The input area below this drop-down allows to add, edit and delete application wide alternate states. Through this, menubar also supports alternate states not only within Qlik Sense November, but all supported versions from v3.0 can also be used.

Starting with version November 2018, the regular configuration via the Master Item section can of course also be used.

Delete an alternate state

A state can be deleted by clicking the trash can icon on the right. When a deleted state was used in a dimension, this dimension will then use the 'inherit' state, which means the object wide alternate state is used.

For more information please check the official Qlik Sense documentation.