trueChart Help

Binding users to trueChart in Power BI

Since trueChart is a multi-user environment, it is necessary to supply a user identification. There are two possible ways described in the following sections: Entering the user name directly, or using a User name measure.

Entering the user name directly

The user name can be applied directly through intial screen and click on OK-button.

Add username through initial screen
Figure 1. Add username through initial screen
By entering a user name directly in the trueChart visual, you will share your user identification when publishing the report. To avert this, use a user name measure instead as described in the next section.
When changing the user name, it is necessary to reload the report for the changes to take effect.

User name measure

In the Home tab, section External data, click on Enter Data.

username enterdata

In the Create Table dialog, enter a name for the new table. You may want to use a prefix (e.g. _ or ~) to make the table appear at the beginning/end in the table list of the Fields pane.

Click on Load to create the new table.

username newtable

In the Fields pane, right-click on the new table and choose New measure.

username newmeasure

Enter the DAX formula to create a column Username with the current user’s name as its value.

username daxformula

You may now delete the redundant Column1 column by right-clicking on it and choosing Delete.

If you happen to supply both a static user name and a user name measure, the latter will apply.