trueChart Help

Setting up cloud support for Microsoft Azure

This document describes the necessary steps to set-up a trueChart system for the Microsoft Azure cloud service.

Create a resource group

  1. Log in to the Azure Portal in your browser and select Resource groups.

  2. Click on Add to create a new resource group.

  3. Enter a desired Resource group name (e.g. tcResourceGroup) and Resource group location.

  4. Click on Create.

azure create resourcegroup
Figure 1. Creation of a new resource group in the Azure portal.

Create a database

  1. In the main menu, go to SQL databases and click on Add to create a new database.

  2. Enter a desired name (e.g. tcDatabase).

  3. Under Resource group, select Use existing and choose the resource group you created in the previous step.

  4. Under Server, choose an existing database server or create a new one entering a Server name, Server admin login, Password, preffered Location, and click on Select

  5. Click on Create to create the new SQL database.

azure create database
Figure 2. Creation of a new database and database server in the Azure portal.

Access rights

In order to install the database schema through the trueChart installer, it requires access to the database. This also applies for updates.

  1. Choose the SQL server from the Resource group.

  2. In the menu, go to Firewalls and virtual networks.

  3. Click on Add client ip to automatically add your current public IP address as a new rule and optionally give it a custom Rule name. Alternatively, you can manually add the public IP address, that you wish to install trueChart from.

  4. Click on Save to save the new setting.

azure database access
Figure 3. Setting the access rules for the database.

HiCo Converter

Create a virtual network and virtual machine

  1. Create a new Virtual network with the following settings:

    • Address space:

    • Assign to your existing resource group

    • Location: your preferred location

    • Subnet:

  2. Click on Create.

  3. Create a new Gateway subnet with the following settings:

    • Address space:

azure create vnet
Figure 4. Creation of a new virtual network in the Azure Portal.
azure create gatewaysubnet
azure add subnet
  1. Create a Virtual machine with the following settings:

    • Your desired username and password

  2. Assign to existing virtual network.

  3. Create a new Network security group with the following settings:

    • Allow RDP for own IP address

    • Allow port 30090 for

azure create vm
azure networksecuritygroup

Install HiCo Converter on the virtual machine

  1. Connect to the machine via RDP.

  2. Install HiCo Converter on the virtual machine.

  3. Allow network connections via port 30090.

Set-up the trueChart Service

  1. Add a new Apache Tomcat 8 App service with the following settings.

  2. Go to the newly created App service, choose Application settings from its menu, and enter the following settings:

    • Java version: Java 8

    • Java minor version: Newest

    • Java web container: Newest Tomcat 8.5

    • ARR-Affinity: Off

    • FTP access: FTPS only (optional, recommended)

  3. Via (S)FTP, upload the WAR files to the directory /site/wwwroot/bin/apache-tomcat-8.5.24/webapps (Tomcat version may differ).

Credentials can be found under Deployment Center (Preview) → FTP → Dashboard.